We all Scream for Scream Queens

When you work on a project you can’t wait to show your class and teacher and have everyone see the finished project, even if you’re that one person who only lifted your finger once.

Well I lifted my finger three times.


I was so excited to go to the advanced screening of Scream Queens, We were able to watch the first part of the two part premier and It was so good! Ryan Murphy is just a mastermind and Brad, Ian and Brad and right there with him. Even though I was not a part of the pilot I was still excited to know more about the show. I’ve only been on set twice and I barely know anything, but seeing the pilot helped put some of the pieces together.


I spend most of my days waiting for another phone call but I realized that’s selfish, there are hundreds of people trying to be apart of this amazing show and the fact that I was able to just be apart of it twice means so much, and it’s a big deal to me, and here’s why. I’ve submitted my information to more casting agencies than you could probably shake a stick out and the directors gave me a chance and that’s a lot. Chances don’t come often.


Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to watch Scream Queens on September 22nd on FOX!

Dinner before the screening was pretty yummy also! If you find yourself in the uptown area of New Orleans visit Cafe Freret!



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