23rd Birthday

There’s two kinds of people in this world; ones who could care less about birthdays and then those who have a weeklong celebration. I’m a firm believer that birthdays are a reason to celebrate and why not? You’re another year older! It’s not about the gifts for me though? It’s getting everyone together for a special occasion and special occasions call for good cake and a fun new outfit.


Spoiler alert: we ate the buffet again, I’m almost 100% positive we ate our way through Biloxi this weekend. #NoRagrets


I have to spoil my fiancé a little bit, he woke me up early the morning of my birthday with Katy Perry’s Birthday music video playing on our TV and told me to get ready and we were going to breakfast. I unfortunately had to go to class the day of my birthday but he made it so special, it’s the little things. He also took me to books a million to pick out some new books for my ready collection. He’s such a winner.


The night of my birthday we went to Bubba Gump at the Golden Nugget Casino and it was amazing, the food, service and atmosphere was top-notch. Later that night we went to the Club at the Hard Rock Casino and it was 80’s night, we had a good time for such, there’s nothing I love more than classic tunes!


The next day was spent by the pool and an amazing brunch at the Beau Rivage. That shit was amazing, so that’s where I’ll be every Sunday morning from here on out, it’s totally worth the $20.


Having to check out Sunday morning literally killed my soul, almost as much as waking up Monday morning having to go to school, but that’s besides the point. I really had the perfect weekend, I mean if you stayed in the Platinum VIP tower suite you would have had a bitchin’ weekend too. Did I mention that Starbucks was maybe a 2 minute walk? We were on the second floor and Starbucks was on the first floor, that was probably the best part. Loosing money at the casino was probably the worst but does anyone ever really come out ahead when the go?


Thanks for reading y’all and enjoy the pics!


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