Don’t Rain On My Parade.

The weeks and days leading up to your wedding can be very crazy! Not only are you running around like a crazy person but no one warned me about the emotions I would feel, it was insane. Honestly the craziest things went through my head and I had horrible anxiety. I always thought the day of my wedding would be relaxed and exciting, but I totally wasn’t feeling it.

I had a Bridal Suite filled with my mothers, the grooms mother and my bridal party and a few other people; getting their hair and make-up done for the day. We all had matching shirts on and it was really all becoming surreal. Now don’t get me wrong I was so taken back by everything that was going on and that all of these people were here for Creig and I but for whatever reason I just wanted to be alone. Weird right, so much love in one room and I wanted to be alone? I ended up going to another room down the hall with my maid of honor and one of my bridesmaids when I almost ran right into Creig…lucky for me he has a very distinctive voice and I turned around and ran franticly dow the hall back to my room, when the coast was clear I went back to Lauren’s room and I just laid in the bed.


It was storming and I was freaking out because I thought rain was a bad sign (thank you Alanis Morissette) so then of course every negative possibility was running through my head, what if one of us gets cold feet (thank you Sex and The City, what if the limos don’t show up, what if the church had the wrong date down, I mean anything you can think of I thought about; I was on the verge of an anxiety attack.

Then I was reassured that rain on your wedding day was in fact a good thing…I mean Luke Bryan did say “Rain is a good thing.” Rain on your wedding day signifies that you will be blessed with children, it signifies the tears the bride has cried in the past, the cleansing of bad memories and a few other things but once I realized rain was in fact a good thing and the feelings I felt last night at the church I was fine again.

It was time…I got a knock on the door and they said It was my turn for hair and make-up…I walked in and all the girls looked beautiful with their hair and make-up done and in their monogramed button downs. It was starting to feel real and it hit me the minute mine was done and I was putting my dress on.

The girls got a first look and we did pictures throughout the hotel which made for a gorgeous background, and we did pictures with the parents and just like that it was over. Holy crap!


We all went back up to the room and laid around and tried to relax as the sky fell out, hoping it would pass. I got a text from the photographer who had gone down to the church and he said we needed an umbrella plan. OH BOY!

The girls went downstairs around 6:20 so they could meet the groom and the Groomsmen to get in the limos and I waited for my Dad to come to my room so we could get in the car together. That was probably the longest 15 minutes of my life. We got the call that all the limos had been loaded up and they drove around the corner so that Creig would not see me.

The hotel doors opened and the rain was coming down sideways and the wind was insane, but I solved myself and my dress into that car. “It’s like shoving a cream puff through a key hole.” It really was though haha. The driver shut the door and the window fell, and wouldn’t go back up…it was just a little crack but it was enough to soak my dress on one side. ALL SMILES THOUGH!

One thing I’ll never forget is the sound of the motorcycle police escorting us, I can still hear the sounds of the rain hitting the car and the sirens going of all around us. It was almost time.

We finally get to the church after nearly being in at least two accidents, I didn’t care though…I was there, this moment was finally here. They let my dad out of the car and he came around with the driver to help me with my dress and hold umbrellas. I remember seeing everyone walking up to the church, so thankful to have everyone there and safe.

Once again I had an Oh Shit moment, I…Jessica Gillio would be getting married! The bridal party was already ready to go, Lauren had my veil and bouquet and she was waiting right there for me to help me with any last minute things, like fixing my dress and putting in my veil.

I stood behind those what felt like sky high wooden doors and listened to the music playing…(I’m getting butterflies just typing this btw) and anxiously awaited those doors opening. That was the moment I had been waiting for for seven years….


Some girls dream about their wedding day their entire life, I didn’t though. I always thought I’d be in NYC or LA running some magazine, until I met Creig. It wasn’t until I met him that I began to envision what it would be like to get married to him. I had a picture in my head and I wasn’t going to let anyone ruin what I had envisioned because people love to input their personal opinions, but it was our day and the begining of the rest of our lives and no one else’s.

I encourage every Bride and Groom to not be influenced by others during their time of planning, If there’s something you want; get it, if there’s something you don’t want; get rid of it. If it’s something that is super important; compromise. If it’s not important then so be it.


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