5 Reasons Why I Choose Pj’s Coffee.

As most of you know, my body runs off of express as I’m sure most of your do also. I’m
sure you also know that I’m no stranger to Starbucks. I’ve had  Pj’s beverages before but I still found myself in the drive through at Starbucks.

A dream of mine has always been to open up my very own coffee shop, maybe a coffee and flower shop or coffee and used book store, something really cozy and inviting, but why would anyone choose my shop over a big chain like Starbucks, so in light of one of my many dreams, I’m not only going to spend my money at local restaurants but at local coffee shops also.

Here’s 5 reason why I’m ditching brand name coffee and empowering the locals.

  1. MONEY! It’s no secret that the prices at Pj’s coffee are lower than the process at larger chain coffee shops. Now, don’t get me wrong there isn’t a significant price change but I feel as if you are getting more for your money at Pj’s, more flavor, more hospitality and more local love.
  2. Skip the crowds and long lines. There is always a comfortable seat open for me at Pj’s, Starbucks tends to have wooden chairs and if you go there to do homework, work or catch up with friends, wooden chairs don’t really make your behind feel welcome.
  3. Noise Volume. I totally understand that Starbucks is pumping out hundreds of drinks a day which requires a lot of machines going, which means a lot of noise.
  4. They know your name. There’s nothing better than walking into a store and having the barista ask you if you want your usual. There’s also nothing better than them already having your beverage ready for you when you get there.
  5. FOOTBALL, Pj’s is a proud partner of the New Orleans Saints. WHO DAT?!

Interested in owning your own Pj’s Coffee? Click here to learn more!


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