Beauty Review

This past week I’ve been craving change. I’m not sure if it was the spring-cleaning that had me wanting to change myself up, but what ever it was I am thankful for it. I finally threw out my old face wash, eyeliner and some of my brushes. I’ve never been the make-up obsessed girl, and I never really knew how to properly apply anything, other than my mascara. Every time I tried to apply foundation (powder or liquid) I would mess it up, buy the wrong color or it would look like a mud mask on my face. So, I’ve challenged myself to take better care of my face and what I put on it and I wanted to find new products, maybe I’ve never been make-up obsessed because I’ve never found anything I’ve really loved.

Change is a good thing right? It was time for a change, I needed to catch up on what’s new and good, so I went to Ulta, here’s what I bought and here’s my product review:

Benefit they’re real! Push – Up eyeliner. Push up eyeliner? Crazy right? So I’ve used this twice already, once at the end of the day and once in the morning. Here’s what I think: I think this product is pretty awesome, it’s super easy to apply, even if you don’t have a good technique. It glides on really easy and you can build it up for a thick line or you can leave it as is for a thin line. It really hugs your lash line and that’s perfect for me, I have small set eyes and they are hooded so I have to apply eyeliner to my eyelid and not really my waterline to make my eyes pop. This stuff is practically waterproof, I found when I put it on at the end of the day it smeared a little, but I’m sure it was because my skin was oily from the day. That’s something I didn’t think about; so be sure to clean your face before you apply this. It’s on the pricy side but I think it is definitely worth the buy.

Y’all, this is basically everything. Go buy a beauty blender like right now, even if it’s an off brand, just go buy one and thank me later. I have never been able to apply foundation in my life until now. The sponge is easy to use, you just have to wet the sponge until it expands, my liquid foundation is in a tube with an easy to apply stick so what I do is cover my blemishes and then I apply more in a circular motion on my face. You do have to be pretty quick with the blender because if your foundation dries quickly the blender really isn’t any use. I suggest doing little sections of your face at a time and blend section to section. They can be a pain to clean if you use the wrong cleaner, I prefer to use baby soap of some sort, you’ll want to use a soap that is not going to foam up too much or you’ll be cleaning your sponge forever getting the suds out. Happy Blending.

On to the next! Not your Mother’s! Okay so I’ve been using It’s a 10 for years now an I’ve never had a problem with it but I’ve also never seen any significant results either. Keep in mind, my hair is straight and it gets knotted very easily so I’ve basically been using it just for detangling purposes and it’s never really worked for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve never really used enough (probably because of the price) but I don’t recommend it, I’ve found something that works great for me and I found it on sale for under two dollars a bottle. Not your mother’s is another leave in product that works better for me than it’s a 10, I highly recommend it, I’ve been using it for a few days now, no complaints.

Holy mother of acne. These aveeno pads are some sort of magical acne be gone product. I’ve been using the pads once a day for almost a week now and my face feels so much better already, It feels clean all day and I can tell that it’s clearing my face up and I can tell that it really digs down deep, and the funny thing is I’m not sure if it’s really supposed to do any of those things; but it does. If you have sensitive, dry/oily, acne prone skin I’d say this is a pretty good remedy for it! Check it out!




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