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Blame Game

At a young age we were taught how to play games, play games with our families, our friends, etc. We were never really taught how to properly play them or when to stop. When is enough, simply enough? That’s just it…we were never taught how to stop playing games. Take tag for instance; you’re it. You chase your friend around the playground and you “tag” them and they fall over and scrape their knee. Who’s fault is it? Is it your fault for tagging them? Did you tag them too hard, were they running too fast, not focusing on what’s happening? Well, they both knew they were playing a game, and they both knew what the risks were. Did they consider the risks? Probably not, but now that one of them is laying on the ground crying with a scraped knee…it’s someone’s fault. The one who’s on the ground crying, surely can’t be to blame…right? I mean he was running and playing along with the game…not paying attention to his surroundings. So let’s blame the one who was doing the tagging. He already feels bad enough that his friend is injured so why not make it his fault.

Unfortunately, that’s the mindset most of us are in today, something bad happens to us so we turn around and point the finger at the ones closest to us. Why though? This is how we were raised…”Aww honey it’s not your fault.” Famous words spoken by parents all over the world. When instead parents should ask, what were you doing, why were you running, why did you not pay attention, followed by apologizing to your friend for the confusion and move along.Β  We’ve been shown how easy it is to just place blame on others instead of taking a step back, analyzing and forming a just opinion. Taking responsibilities for our own actions should be first nature but it’s not.


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