DIY Coffee Scrub

Y’all! I’ve found a way to not only make my skin feel great, but to recycle, and save money. Who doesn’t want to have soft glowing skin, help the planet and save money? So here’s the gag.

I recently purchased a ninja coffee station and said goodbye to my Keurig. Now I’m back to buy coffee grinds, but I hate throwing away the coffee grinds after I’m done brewing my, usual pot of coffee. I decided to use the previously ground grinds and coconut oil to make the best body scrub.

I’m the type of person who “wings” things, however if you’re looking for exact directions…I might be a little off. I would say one cup of coffee grinds to one teaspoon of coconut oil will give you a good scrub. Feel free to adjust to your liking, but keep in mind…you won’t want too much oil in there. I use this scrub everywhere that I have the dry skin. It works really well on my face too.

Give it a whirl, you might like it. Let me know if you have any comments/questions/concerns! Happy scrubbing! XOXO



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