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Who Knew?

So, we all have little guilty pleasures…one of mine is binge watching the Kardashians and eating Ramen, another one is visiting physics. I love getting my cards read and whether you believe in them and their abilities or not, it’s still a very cool experience. A few things I’ve learned about myself, confirmed by a few of them on different occasions, in different states as well are:

  1. I’m Strong
  2. I’m Brave
  3. I’m Ambitious
  4. I have good energy
  5. I have a strong male presence around me
  6. My guardian angel is getting tired (This one really makes me chuckle)
  7. I was going to leave my home town
  8. I was going to love my next home and it would love me back
  9. I have to remember 1-3
  10. I’ve nearly lost my life on two separate occasions
  11. There are three love interest in my life
  12. One is in my heart, One is in my mind, and the other one would be entering soon
  13. I’ve already met my soul mate
  14. My soul mate is so close; yet so far away
  15. My soul mate and I can’t be together due to logistics
  16. I was going to be married twice in my lifetime
  17. My husband would be apart of a large organization
  18. My husband and I would have two special homes
  19. I’m going to spend a lot of time traveling
  20. I’m going to finish college
  21. I’m going to conquer my fear of flying
  22. I am meant to have children

There are other things that I cannot say for obvious reasons…some things are better left unsaid. Regardless of your beliefs, I still would reccomend it. Go in there with an open mind, it’s a cool experience and you don’t have much to loose.


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